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Bruce J Barker

Bruce J Barker Fine Art Photography

Island Park, Idaho


Welcome to my passion, the outdoors of the Intermountain West. When I say the outdoors my primary focus is the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Yellowstone National Park and Island Park, Idaho the wonderful wild creatures and fascinating scenery of this amazing area. It is my intent to bring the fresh air, the solitude and the beauty of this amazing area to you through my images. The amazing outdoor diversity of the Intermountain West presents an unending choice of unique gallery themes and images.

I am a Photographer first, a Naturalist second, and an advocate for wild creatures, and the ecosystems in which they live. Furthermore I am very strongly against animal cruelty and trophy hunting. The education of both public sector and those individuals who also want to have a voice protecting native species and wild lands we still have is paramount for saving such precious jewels.

I have to thank my father and grandfather for instilling in me a love for the outdoors and wild places and for giving me this world

The photographer in me is self-taught through countless hours of self study and trial and error. The naturalist part comes from degrees in both Zoology and Entomology and the heritage left from family.

I remember many years ago borrowing a Rollie from a friend of mine who was a professional photographer. I had fun and thought my images were the greatest.

During my work life there just wasn't time to devote the photography. My learning curve has been steep, still continuing to go up.

Photography is now a passion, my life style has changed as a result.


Island Park Landscapes

Great Grey Owl

Bald Eagles

American Bison


The American black bear

Vintage Amerricana

Mule Deer

Long legged Wading Birds

Ducks Geese and Duck Like Birds

Gull Like Birds

Yellowstone National Park Landscapes


Grizzly Bears

Shira Moose

Wolves and Coyotes